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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Education can be regarded as a tool for liberation and achievement.
The social economic development of human society depends to a great extent on the level of education attained in a particular society. Education is a process of acquiring knowledge which plays vital role in the development of productive forces thus improving entrepreneurial skills and human productive capabilities.
Therefore, all nations including Tanzania are making deliberate efforts to offer quality education which is relevant to their people despite the many challenges experienced in doing so.
Government’s Efforts
Universal Primary Education (UPE) is one among the education priorities in the Tanzanian education philosophy. The government of the United Republic of Tanzania is making every effort to fulfill this objective, However, given financial constraints and other set-backs, it has not been able to meet all the demands particularly the availability of well trained teachers.
It is this shortage of teachers that the government is appealing to the private sector to invest in education as well. The government is urging all Tanzanians, both institutions and individuals to help to supplement government efforts of enhancing education in the country.
The government encourages the setting up of education institutions of all levels and of various specialties as long as the education should be of high quality and relevant to the nation.
Tanga Elite Teachers College
“Tanga Elite” is a private Teachers College which was started in response to the government’s call to the public to invest in education.
1. “Tanga Elite Teacher’s College” in brief TETCO is the official name of the college.
2. “Tanga” is a place name of the city in which the college is build but it is also a name of the region i.e. Tanga Region.
3. “Elite” a name chosen to reflect the objective, vision, mission and values of the college.
College Objectives
1. To increase the number of Teachers Colleges in Tanga and the country as a whole.
2. To help the government to reduce the problem of unemployment by employing teachers and other working staff.
3. Later to build a secondary school in order to assist the nomadic and pastoral Maasai who have many children roaming about and neglecting education.
To be among the best examples for “Quality and productive education” providers in the country.
(A) To become the preferred provider of quality education to our customers through continuous technological and student care improvement with qualified and motivated teachers and other workers as to prepare each student to become an exemplary teacher.
(B) To cooperate with the surrounding community in Social Cultural and Economic development.
(C) To be in the forefront where possible in helping orphans and the neglected.
(A) Being customers responsive
(B) Working as a team
(C) Adhering to highest quality standards and valuing the contribution of every employee.
College Particulars
1. Owner
The college is owned by Mrs. Regina Simba Msuya who is currently the Manager of the college.
2. Contacts
Tanga Elite Teacher’s College, P. O. Box 5555, Tanga, Tel: 0655334156, 0784334156
3. Location
Tanga Elite is located at Pingoni, 7km from Pongwe township and 3km from Tanga-Muheza road in the city of Tanga.
4. The Environment
The environment is highly conducive for learning. It is a quite environment not disturbed by noises and other inconveniencies associated with urban areas.
The location and environment is of special interest. The college is situated between two societies with different modes of production and culture. On one side, there are Maasai societies who are pastoral, while the other side is occupied by farmers. The college lives piece fully with both of these societies.
5. Opening
The college was officially opened on 26.7.2008 with an enrolment of 35 students.
To begin with, a two-year grade ‘A’ teacher’s certificate course is being offered but later, a diploma in education course will be introduced. In addition to this, the college is also a center for private candidates who have registered for ordinary level examination and qualifying tests etc.
Student’s Catchment
The college receives students across the country. To date, there are student from Kigoma, Lindi, Morogoro, Lushoto Dar es Salaam, Musoma, Mtwara and Karagwe, while others are from within.

1. Building Infrastructure
(A) Dormitories
Tanga Elite is a co-education college and is predominantly boarding. There are enough dormitories and well spaced. However, more dormitories will be required when expansion takes place.
(B) Classrooms
There are sufficient classrooms which are well furnished and of good quality.
2. Transport
A pick up is used as a temporary measure
3. Water supply – soft water available
4. Electricity – both hydro and solar power has been installed
5. Health
Minor cases are taken care at the college. Serious case are referred to Pongwe Health centre or to Bombo Regional Hospital in Tanga city.
6. Recreation
Tanga Elite has not overlooked the importance recreation
TV – A TV has been purchased for recreational and educational purposes.
Play &Sports Grounds
Sites for sports grounds have been earmarked meanwhile temporary playgrounds are being used.

Tanga Elite Teacher’s College is still new and young. The college management is trying to lease with other non-government organizations and individuals for help, donations and aids.
Much help is needed in the following areas

1. Teaching and learning materials
(a) Text books for both certificate and advanced levels are in acute demand.
(b) Computers are required for teaching computer literacy and as teaching aids.
(c) A Laboratory
(d) A Library
2. A College mini bus
3. Administration Block
4. Dining and Assembly Hall
5. Teachers Houses
The list of requirements is quite exhaustible and it is for this reason that college management is humbly asking for help and we shall be highly grateful. Please use the above addresses to contact us whenever you feel to help us.

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